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January Books 10) Doon

10) National Lampoon's Doon, by Ellis Weiner

This is the story of Pall Agamemnides, the Kumkwat Haagendazs, known to his followers as Mauve'Bib, and how he used the Freedmenmen of the planet Arruckus to take over the galactic empire by controlling the planet's vital export: beer.

Anyone familiar with both Bored of the Rings and Dune will be pretty unsurprised by this book, which takes deadly aim at the pretensions of Herbert's epic masterpiece. No need to go into details, but here's one lovely piss-take of the inspirational quotations that start each of the chapters in the original:
What sort of man was Duke Lotto Agamemnides? We may say he was a brave man, yet a man who knew the value of caution. We may say he was possessed of a highly refined sense of honour - yet, like all leaders, was he no less capable of acts duplicitous and sleazy. We may say this, we may say that - indeed, we may say anything we want. We may say, for example, that he was not a man at all, but a highly evolved bicycle. See? We may say just about anything.
- from "House Agamemnides: Historical Perspectives and Worthless Digressions", by the Princess Serutan.
Not quite as laugh-out-loud hilarious as Bored of the Rings but a damn good effort.
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