Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,


Back in the days of my doctorate, the department had an annual Christmas party at which various people would perform sketches. My PhD supervisor and I did two Fry and Laurie sketches in successive years, which was great fun.

(script). I was Mr Nude here, with Peter as the interviewer; I nicked two spoons from the students union as props, which was probably one of the better fates awaiting cutlery from that institution. Most memorable to spectators was the fact that I performed wearing only an academic gown and underpants; I thought that would reasonably celebrate the concept of Mr Nude.

(script) Here I played the father and Peter the son - there is of course a fairly glorious irony in doing it that way round - and a fellow postgrad, Angela, who I think now works as a producer in RTÉ, played the mother at the end of the sketch; the students union, once again, provided Berwhale the Avenger. All great fun.
Tags: life: autobiography
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