Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

January Books 3) The Last Hero

3) The Last Hero: A Discworld® Fable, by Terry Pratchett, illustrated by Paul Kidby.

I think this is one of Pratchett's best short books. Lots of humorous yet poignant meditating on heroism, age and death; but also lots of knowing references to everything: classical myth, Neil Armstrong, Catch-22; barbarians, gods, Lord Vetinari and the triumphant return of Rincewind. Paul Kidby's illustrations are great as well; of course the characters end up as caricatures, because that's what they are on the page as well, but he has really captured both Rincewind and Cohen the Barbarian beautifully; also his sketches as by Leonard of Quirm are a very nice touch. Recommended.
Tags: bookblog 2008, writer: terry pratchett
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