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The Wormery, and four of Eight

Another catch-up post for Big Finish adventures 51-55, of which the first features the Sixth Doctor and Iris Wildthyme, and the others are Eighth Doctor and Charlie in the alternate universe which they were banished to at the end of Zagreus, with new companion C'rizz (pronounced "Kerres") joining for the last three.

The Wormery had previously been recommended to me by uitlander (twice) and by by peteyoung (twice). It is indeed great; I'm not a big fan of Katy Manning or of her Irish Wildthyme character, but with Colin Baker's Doctor they work well, and I love the framing device of Jane McFarlane's dulcet Scottish lilt as Mickey - why isn't she doing more acting? - and the sting at the end as we find out who her listener is. The device of the bar between the worlds - isn't that Callahan's from Spider Robinson? (not that I've read any.) However this version seems a bit darker.

I thought Scherzo was a bit rubbish, but lifted by the excellent and compelling performances of Paul McGann and India Fisher, talking total nonsense but making it entirely believable.

The Creed of the Kromon takes us back into proper DW territory, slaves revolt against their oppressive rulers, and Doctor gains another companion. Decent, if standard, stuff. C'rizz is OK and balances out the core cast a little.

I thought that The Natural History of Fear was going to be rubbish as well, as it seemed that we must find out eventually that there is some secret plan that the Doctor and companions are working on. But it didn't come, and didn't come, and so the eventual revelation of What Was Really Going On totally subverted my expectations.

The Twilight Kingdom brings back Michael Keating - Hooray! And rather a good tale of involved conspiracies, combat and revolutionary ideology.


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Dec. 27th, 2007 05:30 am (UTC)
Here from who_daily
Callahan's is a bar that exists in New York (possibly off there, been a while since I read them and I don't wanna go digging through my book shelf right now) that moves to the Florida Keys. It's kind of an interdimensional-worldly stop over. And stuff. But it exists on Earth.

I love Scherzo, but I'm an unabashed Eight and Charley shipper. Not that I love it for just that. I really like their argument at the beginning and how Eight just tears into her for sneaking on board. I also love how she yells at him. Really I see it as a nice way of showing what the whole no-time thing was going to do to the Doctor mentally, cause he kinda loses it for a bit there. Also I can take Scherzo as a satisfying conclusion to the Eight/Charley relationship (or not depending on my mood). Which helps with the way Big Finish just completely dropped that sub-plot.

My love for The Natural History of Fear knows no bounds. It's so wonderfully perfect. Of course one of the reasons I love it is because it couldn't have been done in any other medium. I love the ending. I love how it's really a story about how the Doctor changes the people he encounters, even if he only sees them for a little bit. Just passing through. And the philosophy behind it and everything. And I should stop now because I could go on for pages.

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Feb. 24th, 2008 04:52 pm (UTC)
Re: Here from who_daily
NAtural History of Fear is my favourite McGann audio. MOrtimore was one of the best Virgin NA writers and it's a shame that this is his only BF audio. I corresponded with him about the script and he said he'd based it on Dennis Potter's Cold Lazarus. It had reminded me of some of the Russian SF/speculative fiction): Zamyatin, Strugatsky. A story that could only work on audio, and which bears repeat listening. It's only problem is that C'rizz is such a recent character - the changes to him are not as marked to the listener as they could be. This though is a production team decision - not MOrtimore's fault. Imagine NHoF immediately after Scherzo, or midway through the second Charely season?
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