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The debate continues

Martin McGrath and Jonathan McCalmont on John Scalzi, me and criticism.

One of the fun bits of the episode for me was the commenter on Scalzi's website who accused me of lynch mob tactics because I had said I wouldn't put the book very high on my Hugo ballot. I replied that he had clearly been very fortunate in his experience of lynch mobs.


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Nov. 2nd, 2007 01:14 pm (UTC)
I've actually read all 4 books Scalzi has written (the Old Man's War stuff as well as The Android's Dream). And, in fact, have just recently become aware of your discussion with him about Old Man's War. I'm actually kind of glad that I didn't know about it before, because I probably wouldn't have read the books in that event, and I enjoyed them very much.

That said, (having read your discussion yesterday) I can totally see where, having only read the first book, you would come away thinking it was your standard right wing militaristic sci-fi affair (and while I don't have the Northern Irish background or knowledge that you do, I can definitely see why that part would hit too close to home, although I had an entirely different reading of it than you did).

I also think that as a stand-alone novel, Old Man's War can easily be interpreted as right-wing (even though the man himself is not), but as a part of the trilogy (at least in my opinion), it doesn't come off as such.

In any event, this discussion has been very interesting to me.

Also, it's early and I'm not yet caffeinated, but your crack about lynch mobs had me laughing for a good minute and a half.
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