Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

October Books 4) Wintersmith

4) Wintersmith

The latest Terry Pratchett to appear in paperback, continuing his Tiffany Aching series after A Hat Full of Sky. This is a tremendously accomplished novel. Thirteen-year-old Tiffany's struggles with her own imminent adulthood are beautifully contrasted with the Wintersmith's attempt to become human, and with Tiffany's rival Annagramma's attempts to become a real witch. As ever, Pratchett's basic message is a very human and compassionate one.

This is all combined with his usual firecracker wit, and although there are also plenty of vignettes from the characters in the previous books of his Witches sub-sequence, I think even a reader who had read none of the previous Discworld novels would enjoy this.
Tags: bookblog 2007, writer: terry pratchett

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