Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

July Books 36) Doctor Who: the Visual Dictionary

36) Doctor Who: the Visual Dictionary, by Andrew Darling, Kerrie Dougherty, David John, Simon Beecroft, and Amy Junor.

Back in my day, we had to be satisfied with the almost-all-text The Making of Doctor Who. Kids these days can get this brilliant Dorling Kindersley illustrated book all about the Doctor, and featuring all the monsters from the first and second seasons, plus the Judoon (but nothing else from Season Three as far as I noticed). Perfect gift for the young Who fan; maybe also for the less young Who fan. (And one of the labelled components in the Tardis console room is the "mercury fluid link"!!!)
Tags: bookblog 2007, doctor who, doctor who: 09, doctor who: 10

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