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How did you first encounter Harry Potter?

This is sparked by a locked entry on my f-list, one of the many asking for NO SPOILERS PLEASE but also telling a story of an impulse purchase of the first book in Inverness in August 1999 and then the saga of getting into online fandom.

My own story of how I read Harry Potter is marginally interesting, so as my sole contribution to the current hype I will recount it here. It was during my first visit to Kosovo, in March 2000, and I spent a long evening renewing contact with some American friends telling me what they were doing in order to avoid going mad in those rather tense days. One of them was reading the Harry Potter books; she was the first person I had met who had done so and I was convinced at least to try them out.

On my way back, passing through Vienna Airport, I saw the rather attractive "grown-up" versions of the first two books and bought them there and then, getting the third one on my return to Brussels. I was especially impressed by Prisoner of Azkaban which I still think is the best of the six so far. As the others come out, I have been reading them diligently, though not with quite the same air of dedication as some people!


Jul. 20th, 2007 10:13 am (UTC)
came here through tijsmans :)

You're absolutely right- Prisoner of Azkaban is such a good book (and even though the OotP-movie is much better when it comes to movie-making, Cuàron will always own me for making PoA). It's got my favourite characters, it's got such a wonderful plot and so much humour, even though it's quite a heavy book in itself.

How I came to read HP, you ask? I'm not really ashamed of admitting it, but as a true fan I probably should be. I really, really hated HP at first. I hadn't read the books and it was such a hype- I just couldn't understand why people would go berserk over books (I was young).
My sister-in-law was a fan of the books and when the movie came out, she dragged me along. And once I'd seen it, I was in love with the characters, of course. Went over to the library, got the first four books, read them in about a week's time and started writing fanfic :D

Never really stopped, that.
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 20th, 2007 02:31 pm (UTC)
I'm rather in love with it, as well. I adore Remus in this movie, and Sirius as well. But I always adore them, so that's hardly anything new to you.

I'm taking the train in half an hour. I can't wait to see all of you again. Help me take my mind of DH. Amuse me.

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