Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

July Books 10) Once in a Blue Moon and 11) Three To See the King

10) Once in a Blue Moon, by Magnus Mills
11) Three To See the King, by Magnus Mills

I tried Mills once before, and didn't really get him; looking back on my notes at the time, I realise that I was under the weather that day and perhaps my sense of humour was impaired. raycun rightly called me to look more at the human condition that Mills is describing and less at the details.

I loved both of these books; perhaps I was in the right mood this time. Once in a Blue Moon is a collection of four very short stories, and Three To See the King a longer but still very short novel (167 pages). People are very strange, and by putting them in strange yet almost familiar environments Mills brings out our inherent strangeness beautifully. I could spend ages speculating about the symbolism of tin house vs. brick houses, and the sandy plain vs. the canyon, in Three To See the King, but I won't; I'll just strongly recommend these two books.
Tags: bookblog 2007, writer: magnus mills

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