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42: Doctor Who liveblogging

what's this chirpy music?

Lucky Martha with the phone. But she's not Rose.

Hah, future gender-balanced space crew. Very Firefly.

Nice line, "42 minutes until we crash into the Sun"!

Boo, Chris Chibnall; but yay, Graeme Harper.

Hah, ship is illegally obsolete.

All 29 doors deadlocked, of course.

Captain's husband accused of sabotage. Hmm, he's obviously not out of it completely. Possessed by alien forces, or some personal grudge?

Don't like the music.

"Happy primes"? Never heard of them. "Some stupid pub quiz." Good line. Beatles vs Elvis - good question.

Hah, the patient woke up as we knew he would.

Korwin can now kill people with his eyes. I guess it wasn't just something personal with his wife then.

Here he goes again. Crew is a bit less gender-balanced now...

What is the captain holding back?

And Korwin makes a convert rather than killing.

What's that handy door? Oh, an escape pod. How sweet!

Oh Martha, don't scream! (But it's better than the music.) Fan-fic writers are going to love this scene of her stuck in the escape pod.

Korwin thinks it is his wife's fault...

Ice vents - jolly good! That'll teach 'em.

Martha disappears off - a beautiful silent scene, no stupid music this time.

Doctor wants a spacesuit. Rescue plan...

Heat shields fail, and then into free fall? Seems a bit unlikely.

Oh Martha, you should have been nicer to your mum!

Good for Kath, taking direct action against Ashton.

Doc in spacesuit. Some day someone will do a montage of Doctors wearing spacesuits.

Martha doing last phone call. Her mother has company though. Who? Someone doing a phone trace?

What buttons is the Doctor trying to push? (Fnarr!) Oh yeah, the recall plot device button.

But he has looked into the face of the sun and got infected! Brilliant!

Go and get frozen!

Who's that twitching? Korwin?

The Doctor is "so scared"! But he can of course regenerate.

Korwin cuts the power to the med centre. And chases the captain off.

Music has improved now.

The captain's self-sacrifice - very good!

But the Doctor is still infected...

Martha takes his message to the two remaining crew members. They do what he says, and the day is saved.

Hmm, it would be enough to make you want to try not being a Time Lord for a bit.

Martha has to say goodbye. Snog. Yuck. And bad music again.

"Frequent flyer's privilege."

Martha's mother - in league with Mr Saxon, or being used?

Actually that was quite good, though there were moments of naffness and implausibility, and the music was more than usually irritating. Better than any of Chibnall's Torchwood scripts.


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May. 19th, 2007 07:06 pm (UTC)
"Sun is too hott! Must turn gurn up to eleven!!!11!"
May. 19th, 2007 09:22 pm (UTC)
Some day someone will do a montage of Doctors wearing spacesuits.

Hmm. It will take a while to find one of the Doctor in one. Hartnell famously would not countenance wearing a space suit.

Oh yeah, the recall plot device button.

Excellent! ;D

Better than any of Chibnall's Torchwood scripts.

Not exactly setting the bar high there, are you? ;)
May. 20th, 2007 07:08 am (UTC)
I do have the vaguest feeling that Hartnell doeswear a spacesuit or something like it at some point. All other doctors have done, I suspect, aprt from Eight and Nine as far as I can remember.
May. 20th, 2007 11:12 am (UTC)
There was the (what was it...?) Atmospheric Density Jacket in The Web Planet. Not remotely a spacesuit, but the closest I can recall him getting to one. From what I recall, Hartnell was absolutely adamant on not wearing one. Thinking about his stories, there were not many which would demand he wore one. (The Sensorites might have been a candidate, but in that one even the Sensorites wore no space suits when they were spacewalking.) Unlike Troughton, he never walked on the surface of an airless world; unlike Pertwee, he never flew a primitive space capsule or walked in space. There were illustrations of his Doctor in a spacesuit in at least one of the annuals, though.

I am not sure what his objection was. I mean, he was happy to wear a monk's robe at one point, and to wear a cowboy hat...
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