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AKICILJ: camera batteries

The ol' digital camera is giving me grief. Specifically, I am getting the "low battery warning" and consequent shut down as soon as I put new batteries into it. It wasn't such a battery hog when I first bought it (though still went through them pretty fast); but this is not supportable.

Is it worth buying rechargable NiMH batteries and trying them out? On the plus side, I get the impression from various websites that they are much better in digital cameras than standard alkaline batteries (which I've been using so far). Also I suppose they are better for the environment if I keep on using them. On the downside, if the camera is basically broken (which is a concern, given that it didn't always have this problem so badly) perhaps I would just be throwing good monety after bad?

Advice gratefully received. (Especially from sciamanna or anyone else who also has the Fuji Finepix A340.)


Apr. 22nd, 2007 06:40 pm (UTC)
I started off running my ancient Casio QV2800 on ordinary AAs; I tried everything up to top end Duracells and decidde in the end that there was no economic or utilitarian substitute for NiMHs. THe worst performance I had from alkalines was a set of Duracells that got me fewer than 20 shots on a hot day.

Back then you were lucky if you could get 1500mA/H batteries, these days it seems that 2300s are cheap.

I run most of my AA gadgets on rechargeables these days (particularly my GPS), although I do keep a bag of cheap alkaline AAs and AAAs around for emergencies.

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