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Foodies searching for the ultimate 'upmarket' place to eat in Lutenblag might care to visit ther famous Revolving Restaurant (Gastrodizzi) where diners can sample fine food whilst enjoying a panoramic view of the city. Due to an intermittent power supply the restaurant itself does tend to revolve rather slowly (a full rotation can take up to six months), but the stunning vistas from three floors up make the wait truly worthwhile.

The Vzintga Gorge was cut between precipitous cliffs by the powerful River Vzintga, which flows down numerous pools and waterfalls. There is a marked trail to the top of the gorge where the views are quite outstanding. Sadly, the spectaular cable-car that once carried visitors across the gorge no longer operates, but you can still see the old pylons and engine-house as well as view a memorial plaque dedicated to the service's last 20 passengers.

The unofficial capital of the Great Central Valley region, Jzerbo may not look all that inviting to the first-time visitor, with its jumble of grim Soviet-era housing and concentration of heavy industry. But thanks to frequent, heavy smog, many of these visual eye-sores remain hidden from the average visitor.

And listen to the Molvanian idol winner
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