Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Thanks and meme

Thanks for the good wishes, folks. On reflection, the thieves have not done themselves a lot of favours, since I had cunningly left the power cable in the office, so they have just a few hours of battery time left, and the keyboard is QWERTY and the system in English, which may not be in huge demand in the Belgian underworld. Also they may not be much edified by the Doctor Who DVD (The Web Planet) I had been planning to watch on the way home.

Meantime here is a meme from shsilver  :

First letter of your name, don't repeat from mine, don't use your own name for the name questions, make anything up, or repeat...

1. Actor: Nanette Newman
2. 4 letter word: Nice
3. Street name: North Queen Street (I don't think it's cheating to use a street whose name begins with "North". If it is, I will return to the site of many student pub-crawls, the Newmarket Road.)
4. Color: Navy Blue
5. Gift/present: Nice things Nightgown
6. Vehicle: Nissan
7. Tropical Location: Nigeria
8. College Major: Norwegian
9. Dairy Product: Natural Yogurt
10. Thing in a Souvenir Shop: kNicknack Notebook
11. Boy Name: Nigel
12. Girl Name: Noelle
13. Movie Title: Ninotchka
14. Type of Alcohol: Nikšićko pivo, a beer from Montenegro
15. Occupation: Newsreader
16. Flower: Nettle Nasturtium
17. Celebrity: Norman Tebbit
18. Magazine: New Scientist ("New" repeated from "Newsreader") National Geographic
19. U.S. City: New York Nashville
20. Band: New Order Nirvana
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