Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Monday morning links

Unsuitable Christmas gifts: The children's railway FROM HELL (hat-tip yhlee).
the Engrish is fun enough ("Run quickly when on the iong bridge with loosing planks!"), but surely cultural differences cannot explain why a toddlers' play railway needs a logo with dripping blood. To say nothing of the demon in the corner.
A reflective commentary from James Graham on the trouble with Torchwood (hat-tip matgb).
One suggestion just made to me is to make Lembit Opik a consultant for the show, given that he is an authority on Wales, intergalactic phenomena and sex with odd-looking aliens.
A brilliant piece of forensic investigating from those people at
Claim: While interviewing the mother of a large number of children for the show You Bet Your Life, Groucho Marx made a risqué remark about his cigar.
Status: False.
This last from the snopes_dot_com feed. The last sentence of the piece appears to be unfinished at the moment, which is I suppose a metaphor for historical research in general...
Tags: cool links, tv: torchwood
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