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December Books 12) [Doctor Who] Timewyrm: Revelation

12) [Doctor Who] Timewyrm: Revelation, by Paul Cornell

Cornell's first novel, I think, and pretty good stuff, winding up the Timewyrm tetralogy (1, 2, 3) that kicked off the Virgin series of New Adventures of Doctor Who. A decent effort, certainly on a par with the first and second books of the series for quality (the third being pretty dire). The Doctor has to confront his enemy, the Timewyrm, by hunting through the nooks and crannies of his own mind with help from his own past incarnations (and I liked the Doctor/Doctor interactions, not usually done this well). Many of the characters spend much of the book taking sanctuary in a church which is their only protection against a bizarrely hostile environment outside - a setting Cornell of course used again in the Ninth Doctor TV story, "Father's Day".
Tags: bookblog 2006, doctor who, doctor who: 07, doctor who: spinoff fiction, writer: paul cornell

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