Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

The return of the end of the year meme

The first sentence of the first entry of each month from this year:

January: So as one year turns to another, I've returned to a youthful passion: the fourteenth century scholar Richard of Wallingford, who as Abbot of St Albans designed an elaborate astronomical clock capable of predicting lunar eclipses, as chronicled once again by John North, who published the definitive edition of Richard of Wallingford's works thirty years ago, and here attempts to give a more accessible account (at a cost of £15 rather than the £400 that the 1976 version will cost you).

February: Fog at Pristina airport meant all flights were cancelled today (because incoming planes couldn't land) so I get an extra 24 hours in Kosovo.

March: Apparently I'm a Chaotic Good Half-Orc Fighter

April: First of the Tardisodes

May: I've compiled a list of School Reunion entires from other people's LJ's, not just my own f-list but following links from comments to other pages.

June: Släpp in de som står utanför: My contribution to Sweden's debate on the future of Europe, here.

July: I have a bit of an obsession with people who have certain things in common with me, like my exact date of birth, for instance, or shared interests via livejournal.

August: Reading this is a bit like reading someone's livejournal entry when you have only one person's side of the story.

September: Jeepers, if you're going to apologise, you should make it look like a real apology!

October: Via Democracy Arsenal, which is the only American politics blog I really read these days (mainly because my former colleague Heather writes for it), I find Michael Signer's essay "arguing for a doctrine of 'American exemplarism' that would allow America to be both strong and good", Anatol Lieven's response, and Signer's response to the response, with comments.

November: Up very early yesterday for a Big Expedition to France.

December: I know it's now December, but there are still a bunch of books I read last month which I haven't listed here.
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