Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Am I a fanboy?

mizkit seeks guidance from me as to what classic Doctor Who she should watch. Also I am spurred into action by a post on the Dork Report commending Sarah Hadley for setting new standards in Doctor Who esoterica, and also commending my Ian Marter post from last weekend, "lest [Sarah's site] be too broad for the true Who anorak".

Anyway, I don't feel my knowledge is as in-depth as some on my f-list (in particular, the likes of doyle_sb4, who is surely the queen of Who in the city of my birth), so I'm just going to repeat links to places which I find useful as I explore the past of the show: I'm not satisfied with my indexing of my own Doctor Who reviews at the moment, and will give some thought as to how to make them better organised and more accessible, though the livejournal tagging system does help.
Tags: doctor who
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