Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

The end of

My personal website (thanks, Damien and Terry!) has now moved to - the old site, and the old email address (which currently forwards to my gmail account) will be closed down next year.

This has been partly motivated by a generous offer to host it from an old friend; also by the fact that NetIdentity, who have owned the domain for several years now, were never awfully good at customer service and have got even worse since they were bought by Tucows a few months ago. Since I was migrating off their service anyway it hasn't affected me much, but a dissatisfied customer has been blogging about it here, and one of Tucows' people has been desperately attempting to put a brave face on it here (though to be honest it is an even more damning read than the first one). So I feel like I am well out of it.

Any suggestions for an easy way of emailing everyone who has linked to Thought not...

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