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Started watching this just over halfway in, so here are my thoughts, updated as it went on:

14 - Lithuania - full marks for cheek! But apart from the joke, not a great song.
15 - UK - Dreadful. Out of tune, trying unsuccessfully to combine two different genres.
16 - Greece - pretty good - fully professional, giving it her all.
17 - Finland - looked fantastic, of course, in the genre sense of the word. But I had a strange feeling that their hearts weren't in it.
18 - Ukraine - looked very nice, a full-hearted performance
19 - France - nice song, nice-looking singer, but teeth-gratingly flat on the high notes.
20 - Croatia - the (in)famous Severina, performing a song by Goran Bregovic - what could possibly go wrong? Yet something is definitely wrong. Why does the music sound more Irish than Balkan? Her costume is a disaster, and she doesn't even seem to be enjoying it much.
21 - Ireland - Hah, I remember standing with 20,000 people listening to this guy and Van Morrison do the warmup act for President Clinton outside Belfast City Hall in 1994. He's still pretty good. Not so clear what the backing singers were up to.
22 - Sweden - Crumbs, this is really good. Apart from the costume, which is very bad.
23 - Turkey - Very brave of them to sing in Turkish. But it looks fantastic. Much much better than it sounds.
24 - Armenia - Well, at least they were trying.

Well, I think I'll cast my vote for the Ukrainian entry. Or the Swedes. Though I don't know how I would go about doing that. Sorry to have missed the Moldovan, Norwegian and Maltese entries. Las Ketchup seem to have been terrible judging from the extract played at the end.
Tags: tv: eurovision
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