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Bloggers on the Lib Dem leadership

wwhyte commented re a previous entry that the Lib Dem bloggers appear to be drifting to Huhne. Much consultation of Icerocket reveals that in fact the honours are fairly even so far, though it's certainly the case that the bloggers backing Huhne are comparatively more heavyweight. Campbell's internet presence is being run by my old friend Martin Tod, which will certainly give him an edge in cyberspace - in so far as that helps...

Backing Campbell:
Peter of the Apollo Project
Stephen Tall
Dave Smithson
Tim Hicks
Martin Tod
caribou95 here
Andy Darley
Dave Radcliffe
Iain Sharpe
Owen Griffiths
Backing Hughes:
Rob Fenwick
Stephen Glenn
James Thompson
Helen Evison
Martin Turner
redfiona99 here
Matt Jenkins
hikari_neko here
blue_condition here
Barrie Wood
burkesworks (below)
Andrew Milton
Susanne Lamido
Peter Black
Backing Huhne:
Steve Guy
ig1234 here
Will Howells
Jonathan Calder
Richard Huzzey
Lynne Featherstone MP
Libertycat and Femme de Resistance
James Graham
Sandra Gidley MP
Jock Coats
Alex Foster
Nick Barlow
David Goodall
Edis Bevan
Alan Beddow
Chris Black
Mark Valladares
Michael Hinett
Chris Keating
Simon Isledon
Not sure yet
Simon Mollan (leaning Campbell)
reichsfreiherr (leaning Campbell)
sinsir (leaning Hughes)
Simon Jerram (leaning Hughes)
Ryan Cullen
John Hemming MP
Ian Ridley (deciding between Huhne and Campbell)
dom (leaning Hughes)

Edited to add: I'm updating this entry as things move. When I originally published it on Friday 20 January, the blog count was 9 (and two leaning) for Campbell; 10 (and two leaning) for Hughes; and 10 (and two leaning) for Huhne.

It is now (28 January) 14 (and two leaning) for Campbell; 15 (and three leaning) for Hughes; and 22 for Huhne.

Best quote on Campbell, from marnanel: "Fin and I were talking about yoghs (Ȝȝ) in bed last night."
Tags: lib dems, uk politics

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