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Just in case anyone reading this has not already seen it:

The SCI FICTION website has been publishing excellent science fiction stories, both old and new, since 2000. It is to stop publishing at the end of this year, alas. Some of its fans have had the excellent idea of compiling a tribute, by asking for volunteers to write an appreciation for each of the 320-odd stories on the site.

The first few of these have been done already - Pete Tillman's appreciation of the Nebula-winning "Goddesses", by Linda Nagata, Ben Peek's appreciation of "Jailwise", by Lucius Shepard, Jay Lake's substantial essay on "The Wages of Syntax", by Ray Vukcevich, and Lois Tilton's brief (but heartfelt) note on "The Horse of a Different Color (That You Rode In On)", by Howard Waldrop. But there is still plenty of room for more. You could more or less pick any story and find you had something to say about it.

And if you just want to read the reviews as they come in, you can get them via ed_sf_project.
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