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November Books 4) Olympos

4) Olympos, by Dan Simmons

Crumbs, what a disappointment. I really liked Ilium, the first book in this story of a Trojan War being replayed against a science-fictional background. But the sequel is rambling, self-indulgent and most importantly fails to satisfactorily explain What Is Really Going On. For 690 pages. Ray warned me; I should have listened.

Oh yeah, and another thing - if you're going to use "thou" and "thee" for heaven's sake get the grammar right! Both are singular only, "thou" and only "thou" is the subject of the sentence (and "thee" and only "thee" the object) and the possessive pronoun is "thy" (allowably "thine" before a vowel).
WRONG: But if thee wishes to monitor your beloved's life or death...
RIGHT: But if thou wishest to monitor thy beloved's life or death...

WRONG: When your lover's condition changeth, thee shall know it now. (corrected - I originally typed "you shall")
RIGHT: When thy lover's condition changeth, thou shalt know it now.

WRONG: One of thee three...
RIGHT: One of you three... or One of ye three
I also spotted a reference to John Keat's [sic] "Ode to a Nightingale".

Don't bother with this one folks.
Tags: bookblog 2005, writer: dan simmons

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