Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Ann'Sannat - "Welcome into the Morning"

Last time I was in Moldova, I was telling a friend about the Belgrade band, The Orthodox Celts, who are a completely Serbian group playing completely Irish music. She responded that Moldova has its own equivalent, and promptly copied for me a CD of Ann'Sannat's album, "Welcome into the Morning".

It took me almost a year, but I finally listened to it this morning, and really liked it. Unfortunately the copying was a bit wonky on the final tracks, so I thought, I'll see if I can buy one over the internet. Amazon, astonishingly, has not heard of Ann'Sannat. Luckily they do have a website, and I clicked on the "buy the CD" link with great anticipation...

...only to find that it simply lists the three shops in Chişinău which stock the CD. I shall have to rethink my strategy.
Tags: world: moldova

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