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May Books 2) No Enemy But Time

2) No Enemy But Time, by Michael Bishop

A while back I listed the Nebula winners I had read, and was fairly sure I read this last summer but couldn't remember much about it. I've just reread it, and I must have been very sleepy or something first time round; it's a pretty memorable book. Joshua Kampa hs these odd dreams about the Pleistocene; an African government teams up with the US military to send him back in time two million years. The time-travel adventure bit of the story is the kind of thing I generally enjoy unquestioningly, but in this case there's a lot in there about family relationships and communicating; Kampa's biological mother cannot speak, neither can his prehistoric companions, and he voluntarily cuts off all contact with his adoptive mother. (Overlaid a little with the difficulties of cultural communication between the West and traditional Africa, though this was not much developed.) So I found more than I had expected to like about this book. Recommended.

(And the disappearing dalek mood icon has nothing to do with my feelings about the book, I just wanted to use it!)
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