Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Once & Future vol. 1: The King Is Undead and vol. 2: Old English, by Kieron Gillen et al

Second frame of Chapter 3:

Second frame of Chapter 9:

Having hugely enjoyed the first volume of this, I went back and reread it along with the second volume. As I said before, it's an audacious reinvention of the Matter of Britain, where King Arthur returns as an undead horror in league with present-day fascists, and our hero, together with his tough-as-nails granny, must thwart them. The whole thing moves at a cracking pace with some good set-pieces in south-west England. In the second volume, the dark forces (led by the undead Arthur and the hero's gone-to-the-dark-side mother) summon Beowulf and Grendel and Grendel's mother to their aid, with sanguinary consequences. Like a lot of second volumes, it doesn't take us a lot further than the first, but far enough that I'll certainly be getting the next in the series. You can get vol 1 here and vol 2 here.

Vol 2 was my top unread comic in English; it was also the last book that I finished reading in 2021. Next on the pile of comics is Hergé, Son of Tintin, by Benoît Peeters (may actually turn out to be prose).
Tags: bookblog 2021, writer: kieron gillen

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