Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

COVID, day 15

I stopped my daily updates at the weekend, but no harm in a five-day check-in. I’m still not completely well; I am less dependent on paracetamol and my hot water bottle that I was last week, and in general I’m up almost as much as I am in bed, but I’m really not back to full fitness as yet. I had hoped to do a biggish work meeting this afternoon, but realised when I woke up this morning that I simply was not up to it, and pulled out apologetically.

Despite my very imperfect state of health, now that it’s more than 10 days after my positive diagnosis, the Belgian health authority has issued me with a Certificate of Recovery which I can brandish at anybody who asks. (Nobody will. The double vaccination certificate has more weight.)

A couple of people have asked whether I may have caught the omicron variant. The first case in Belgium was not detected until 26 November, and I was diagnosed on the 17th, so it seems unlikely. Anyway I don’t particularly care; I just happen to been unlucky in how hard I have been hit, and there’s not much point in speculating further.

Other people have been much less lucky. A lot of you knew E in Belfast who died suddenly on Tuesday. She and her husband I had both had COVID last month, which for E came on top of a series of other long-term health problems. Much sympathy to I at this devastating loss; she was only a couple of years older than me.

Stay well, you guys. Get vaccinated, if you haven’t been; get boosted as soon as you can; and try not to get the damn bug.
Tags: covid-19

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