Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Empire Games, by Charles Stross

Second paragraph of third chapter:
They left the conference center in a Tesla with blacked-out windows, then drove her for half an hour through the trackless, officezoned industrial yards of Seattle. Their destination was an anonymous warehouse with a loading dock and a windowless door. There was nothing to distinguish it from hundreds of others except for a couple of unobtrusive bird-drones soaring overhead like legless, featherless seagulls with telephoto eyes. Inside, it was furnished with office cubicles and, disturbingly, a shipping container tricked out as a motel room—if motel rooms came without windows and had doors that locked from the outside. Gomez and her sidekick—Rita gathered he was called Jack, but his surname remained elusive—ushered Rita into a room like a compact Holiday Inn, then locked the door. Half an hour later it opened again and a uniformed cop shoved her suitcase inside. It had been searched and clumsily repacked, but everything was present.
First of the second series of Merchant Princes books by Charles Stross, where the ability to move between worlds is restricted to a few with the right gene, but the economic and military effects of the linkage between parallel universes is profound. Some very good setup of the intelligence connections between a world rather like ours, except with an even bigger disruptive event than 9/11, and another where a newish revolutionary regime in the east of North America is teetering on the brink of governance breakdown, with the added drama of the family relationship between the two protagonists. Looking forward to the next one. You can get this one here.

This was my top unread book acquired in 2017. Next on that pile is the omnibus of the first two books in the original series, Bloodline Feud. (Which I did actually read back in the day, but I'll go back to them happily.)
Tags: bookblog 2021, writer: charles stross

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