Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Merovingian metalwork

Beautiful Merovingian metalwork from a very nice exhibition, "The World of Clovis", in the Royal Museum at Mariemont, of which I was previously unaware. There's lots of other lovely material there, but it was the metalwork that really caught my eye - here are two fibluæ, a reliquary and some rings and things. These last are from a grave known as The Lady of Grez-Doiceau, which is just down the road from us here.

Here's a teaser for the whole exhibition. (In French, sorry.)

I went with two work colleagues, one of whom decided to order a five-cheese pizza for lunch, and the other went one better by ordering a pizza with chips/fries on it. (I had pasta with sea food.)
Tags: archaeology, world: belgium

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