Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

430 days of plague: first dose

I’m cheating a bit by writing this on Saturday morning and backdating to the moment last night when I got my first dose of Pfizer.
My arm is a bit sore, thank you, and I am braced for further reactions today, but it’s a lot better than the alternative.

Apart from that, I went into Brussels again on Thursday and had my first outdoor coffee meeting with N, who worked in my then office exactly ten years ago (see current bookblog nostalgia posts) and has gone on to greater things.

The reasin for going in was another office leaving party, in the park (again note that we were largely maintaining social distance and sticking to smaller groups).

It was really nice to see restaurants opening up again - the first picture below is from Thursday, the second from March last year as the lockdown hit, from the same point on Place Lux.

And the Belgian numbers have continued to show drastic improvement. The death rate is already below where it was before the October lockdown, and the hospital numbers will reach that milestone today or tomorrow.

I have to correct one statement in my last entry: I forgot that I nipped across the border to France for a haircut in December, so it is only five months since I left the country; probably not a record for my lifetime, though I suspect the longest such period in thirty years.

Our current TV fixes are Stranger Things, Au Service de la France, Monty Python and Friends. Who needs new stuff??

I went to Mons on my day off for Ascension, and have another museum trip planned for Monday.

Stay well, all.
Tags: covid-19

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