Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

The 14th Mons International Political Posters Triennale; and flints.

Today being a day off work, I took myself off to Mons for two minor attractions which I hopes would together justify the visit. (They didn’t quite.) The Mons Memorial Museum is hosting the 14th Mons International Political Posters Triennale, which is a collection of about a hundred posters, plus a couple of dozen more from Portugal, on political themes. It wasn’t realy for me, though a few caught my eye for different reasons. This is the overall winner:

I liked these two.

I am not sure what this commentary on Bart De Wever actually means, but I can probably get behind the sentiment.

These three posters about North Korea are interesting because the creators are all from the People's Republic of China.

Of the Portguese posters, this caught my eye for its use of colour.

There is a tank outside the museum.

The neolithic flint mines near Mons are probably worth visiting in non-COVID times when you can actually descend into the depths. I may return in better days.
Tags: world: belgium

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