Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 2 May

i) births and deaths

2 May 1941: birth of Paul Darrow, who played Captain Hawkins in Doctor Who and the Silurians (Third Doctor, 1970) and Tekker in Timelash (Sixth Doctor, 1985). And Avon, of course.

ii) broadcast, publishing and webcast anniversaries

2 May 1964: broadcast of "The Snows of Terror", fourth episode of the story we now call The Keys of Marinus. Ian, Barbara and Susan retrieve the Key despite the efforts of Vasor and the Ice Soldiers. Then Ian finds the last key at their last destination.

2 May 1970: broadcast of seventh episode of The Ambassadors of Death. The Doctor and the Brigadier intercept Carrington before he is able to implement his plan, and the alien Ambassadors are freed.

2 May 1973: Target Books re-publish the three 1960s Doctor Who novelisations.

2 May 2003: webcast of first episode of Shada. The Eighth Doctor visits Gallifrey to persuade President Romana to come with him to Cambridge.

2 May 2013: webcast of Commander Strax's Q&A.
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: anniversaries

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