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SF Magazines of April 1967

I saw this meme going around a few months ago - what were the covers of the major science fiction magazines for the month you were born? They are a nice collection.

The best is the cover of Analog, by John Schoenherr.
I confess I don't recall any of the stories. The only one that has had much attention since then is "Ambassador to Verdammt" by Colin Kapp; I'm afraid I don't think I've heard of him let alone the story.

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction had almost as good a cover, by Gray Morrow, and much better content:
The cover refers to "Dawn", the second part of Roger Zelazny's classic novel Lord of Light. Other content includes "Randy's Syndrome" by Brian Aldiss, about an unborn baby who goes on strike by refusing to be born, and "Problems of Creativeness" by Thomas M. Disch, later retitled "The Death of Socrates" as the first part of his novel 334.

The cover of Galaxy Science Fiction by [Douglas] Chafee is not bad either.
The two most-reprinted stories are "Thunderhead" by Keith Laumer, and "You Men of Violence" by Harry Harrison. You can read the whole thing here.

New Worlds and SF Impulse unwisely crowds out what looks like a rather nice image (by Keith Roberts, also author of Pavane and Gráinne) with text about the contents.
This had the first magazine publication of "Daughters of Earth" by Judith Merrill (first published in an anthology in 1952), and three more stories by Thomas M. Disch.

Finally, for completeness, Australia's Future Science Fiction has an cover by Keith Chatto:
As the cover hints, it's back to the past; the magazine contained three stories from the 1950s and one from 1935!

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