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  • Wed, 12:40: Hugely childish. @DanTehanWannon was senior adviser to Aus trade minister Vaile 2002-06, was then director of trade policy and international affairs for Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2006-07. @TrussLiz became UK's trade minister in Jul 2019. Er, that's it.
  • Wed, 12:56: RT @UKandEU: What is in the Northern Ireland Protocol the Johnson Government negotiated? Find out in this explainer by @JS_McStravick @ha
  • Wed, 13:51: Can't they both lose?
  • Wed, 16:05: Walter Mondale's paper for Jimmy Carter on the role of the Vice-President A nice clear read, based on consultations with Rockefeller and Humphrey - though apparently not Agnew or Nixon!
  • Wed, 16:40: RT @francescabinda: Fascinating. Obviously, the current @VP has a different take on section IV!
  • Wed, 16:47: RT @jburnmurdoch: Greater availability of Covid-19 data in the western world has at times given the impression the US, UK and Europe have b…
  • Wed, 17:11: Dialogue for mutual recognition will succeed when the EU joins the US in its Kosovo approach Alush Gashi writes.
  • Wed, 17:14: ...and right on cue as we consider Australia's trade diplomacy, I get an invitation from one of the big German thinktanks for an event next week on EU-Australia trade relations, why they are good and getting better. Australia trades 3x more with EU than with UK. And comfy chair.
  • Wed, 17:23: RT @Glasgowin2024: Glasgow in 2024 only becomes a seated convention if we win the bid vote at Chicon8 in September 2022. That vote is now…
  • Wed, 18:47: 400 days of plague
  • Wed, 19:38: RT @JimMFelton: Laurence Fox is currently polling equal to Peter Gammons - a man with gammon in his actual name - and Count Binface, a man…
  • Wed, 20:48: Lactarius hibbardiae, a milkcap mushroom found in the northeast USA, named after my great-great-aunt Ann Hibbard (1858-1940).
  • Thu, 01:58: RT @japansociety: Japan Society extends its thoughts and prayers to Vice President Walter F. Mondale’s family on his recent passing. A form…
  • Thu, 09:30: Whoniversaries 22 April
  • Thu, 10:45: RT @davidallengreen: 'An uncomfortable chair' Why the international trade secretary wrongly believes trade deals are quick and easy, and…
  • Thu, 11:45: RT @APCOBXLInsider: 🌍To celebrate Earth Day, we'll be highlighting three upcoming EU policies that aim to protect our planet, health, and e…
  • Thu, 11:59: RT @PatrikGayer: Lopuksi asiat sitten ratkeavat vähän @alexstubb 'n EU:n "ongelmaratkaisukaavan" mukaisesti. Kaikki saa jotain mutta kukaan…
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    Thu, 12:56: RT @ ProfKAArmstrong: My simple challenge to @ DavidGHFrost is to provide a list of judgments of the CJEU that relate to provisions…

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    Wed, 12:56: RT @ JulianBKing: @ pmdfoster @ theresa_may @ BorisJohnson Frost speech: my favourite bit, ‘no one here is expert in NI, and we’re…

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    Tue, 13:05: RT @ davidallengreen: Why does it matter if the United Kingdom government breaks international law? And does such a breach really…

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