Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 13 March

broadcast anniversaries

13 March 1965: broadcast of "Invasion", fifth episode of the story we now call The Web Planet (not to be confused with The Invasion, the 1969 Second Doctor story). The Doctor controls a Zarbi with his ring, escapes with Vicki and joins forces with Barbara and the Menoptra.

13 March 1971: broadcast of first episode of The Claws of Axos. Furge thangering muck witchellers rock throbblin' this time o' day... Ur bin oughta gone put thickery blarmdasted zones about, gordangun, diddenum? Havver froggin' law onnum, shouldnum? Eh? Eh? Arn I?

13 March 2009: broadcast of From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love (SJA), a mini-episode for Comic Relief.
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: anniversaries

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