Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Three Daves, by Nicki Elson

Second paragraph of third chapter:
It was Saturday night, and the girls were getting ready to go out. They were meeting up with David and some other guys at Romans to see a band.
I'm always interested to read books by my twins, people who like me were born on 26 April 1967 (see also Warren Read and Trish Doller). This one is frankly not as good as the other two, but it is closer to my personal experience, being the story of a confused Catholic student's sexual experiences at university; not terribly erotic, funny in places, you can see from quite an early stage how it's going to end. Our heroine has an unusual sexual red line; she's OK with sleeping with boys under the right circumstances, but she is saving her first orgasm with a man for her marriage. Everyone is entitled to their own kinks, I suppose. There's good local colour of central Illinois (the university is referred to as Central Illinois University, but it's clearly meant to be Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, and there's a field trip to Springfield). You can get it here.

This was the non-genre fiction book that had lingered longest unread on my shelves. Next on that pile is Splinters and the Impolite President, by William Whyte.
Tags: bookblog 2021, xd

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