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  • Mon, 12:10: RT @bagatsen: @nwbrux How could I not click through with a teaser like that?
  • Mon, 12:36: It's exactly a year since my last pre-pandemic trip: two days in London and a weekend party in Cambridge, coming back on the 1104 Sunday Eurostar on 1 March 2020. Hope to see you all again soon.
  • Mon, 12:56: Rock of ages: how chalk made England Lovely long read.
  • Mon, 12:58: RT @Cygie: Vandaag zien we grote impact op de COVID-19 cijfers vanuit de woonzorgcentra. Via een overzicht kunnen we vaststellen dat de v…
  • Mon, 16:10: RT @KeohaneDan: This was a stupid tweet by me, which I regret tweeting now And this wasn’t the only stupid tweet. As some of us say here:…
  • Mon, 17:43: New post-war record for longest period since parliamentary by-election A glorious statistic. The current record is 581 days, between the Ogmore by-election (14/2/02) and Brent East (18/9/03). Thursday will be the 581st day since Brecon and Radnor (1/8/19).
  • Mon, 18:01: RT @worldcon2021: DisCon III is happy to announce the two bidders for the 2023 Worldcon 🗺 Chengdu, China - @chengduworldcon Memphis, Ten…
  • Mon, 18:38: My Father’s Things, by Wendy Aldiss
  • Mon, 20:48: RT @HawardTom: We have sold 0 oysters to Europe in 2021 because our Govt failed to sort the procedures involved with unpurified shellfish a…
  • Tue, 08:07: Just posted a photo @ De Torenvalk
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