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Whoniversaries 2 March

i) Births and deaths

2 March 1935: birth of Stephen Thorne, who played Azal in The D&ealig;mons (Third Doctor, 1971), Omega in The Three Doctors (Third Doctor plus First and Second, 1972-73), the First Ogron in Frontier in Space (Third Doctor, 1973) and the male version of Eldrad in The Hand of Fear (Fourth Doctor, 1976). Heavily disguised in all of them, so no photos here.

2 March 1939: birth of Hugh Walters, who played three different roles in three different decades of Old Who: William Shakespeare in the story we now call The Chase (First Doctor, 1965), Runcible in The Deadly Assassin (Fourth Doctor, 1976), and Vogel in Revelation of the Daleks (Sixth Doctor, 1985).

2 March 1970: birth of Alexander Armstrong, who voiced the computer Mr Smith in the Sarah Jane Adventures and played lost pilot Reg Arwell in The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (Eleventh Doctor, 2011).

2 March 1979: birth of Jocelyn Jee Esien, who played Clyde's mum in the Sarah Jane Adventures (though only eight years older than her on-screen son).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

2 March 1968: broadcast of fifth episode of The Web of Fear. The Great Intelligence reveals that it wants to drain the Doctor's brain of his knowledge. The Doctor and friends escape the Yeti, but the sinister fog starts to infiltrate their base.

2 March 1974: broadcast of second episode of Death to the Daleks. The Daleks cannot fire their weapons; the Exxilons capture everyone, but the Doctor and Sarah escape, and start wandering the tunnels.

2 March 1982: broadcast of second episode of Black Orchid. The long-lost elder brother turns out to be locked in the attic at Cranleigh; he has escaped, though, and falls to his death.

2 March 1983: broadcast of second episode of Enlightenment. The Eternals are racing for the prize of Enlightenment. They start reading Tegan's mind, and Turlough jumps overboard.

2 March 1984: broadcast of fourth episode of Planet of Fire; last appearance of both Gerald Flood as Kamelion and Mark Strickson as Turlough. Kamelion begs for destruction and gets it; the Master is apparently consumed by flames; and Turlough stays behind with his people.

2 March 1985: broadcast of third episode of The Two Doctors. Lots of nasty slaughter, but at the end the Sontarans and Androgums are dead and the Doctors and friends alive.

The fifth of seven dates in the year when six episodes of Old Who were broadcast.
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