Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 1 March

i) births and deaths

1 March 1918: birth of Roger Delgado, the first Master (1971-73).

1 March 1926: birth of Barbara Clegg, author of Enlightenment (Fifth Doctor, 1983), the first woman with sole credit for writing a story. Happy 95th birthday!!!

1 March 1931: birth of Neville Barber, who played Dr Humphrey Cook in The Time Monster (Third Doctor, 1972) and Howard Baker in K9 and Company (1981).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

1 March 1969: broadcast of sixth episode of The Seeds of Death. The Doctor uses the weather control system to destroy the seeds, and draws the Ice Warrior fleet off course; the Earth is saved.

1 March 1975: broadcast of second episode of The Sontaran Experiment. Styre experiments on Sarah, but Harry sabotages his ship and Styre is killed; the Earth is saved.

1 March 1982: broadcast of first episode of Black Orchid. The Tardis lands at Cranleigh Hall in the 1930s, where Nyssa has a double, the Doctor plays cricket, and everyone gets into fancy dress.

1 March 1983: broadcast of first episode of Enlightenment (by Barbara Clegg, who has just turned 95). The White and Black Guardians appear, and the Tardis materialises on a mysterious sailing ship which is racing through space.

1 March 1984: broadcast of third episode of Planet of Fire. Peri, in the power of the Master, discovers that he has been drastically reduced in size.

1 March 2002: webcast of "Planet of Blood" part 3, the fourth episode of Death Comes to Time. More 'orrible slaughter as one ally turns out to be a vampire and another a lieutenant-colonel rather than a policeman.

1 March 2010: broadcast of Jaws of Orthrus, eighth episode of the Australian K9 series. Inspector Drake is attacked by K9! or so it seems. June Turner and the Department have orders to capture K9 and destroy him. However Starkey discovers that Drake has had a double of K9 built to discredit him.
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