Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 21 February

i) births and deaths

21 February 1981: death of Ron Grainer, who composed the Doctor Who theme tune. According to the lore, he was so gobsmacked by Delia Derbyshire's electronic arrangement of the music that he asked her, "Did I really write this?" "Most of it," she replied. Of course he got the on-screen credit and she didn't. This is maybe how he would have expected it to sound:

21 February 2012: death of Michael Hart, who directed The Space Pirates (Second Doctor, 1969).

21 February 2013: death of Raymond Cusick, who designed the Daleks.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

21 February 1970: broadcast of fourth episode of Doctor Who and the Silurians. The Doctor tries to reason with the Silurians but is captured and attacked.

21 February 1976: broadcast of fourth episode of The Seeds of Doom. Keeler starts to turn into the Krynoid; Sarah saves the Doctor from the crusher; Sir Colin and Amelia investigate.

21 February 1981: broadcast of fourth episode of The Keeper of Traken. The Master captures the Doctor and attempts to use the Source to take over his body, but Adric and Nyssa shut down the Source to prevent him. But! The Master takes over Tremas' body and escapes.
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