Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

340 days of plague: spring on its way

I'm going to try and keep up a 10-day report here, even though there seems little enough to report. The numbers in Belgium are still not falling, and there has been no firm news about vaccines, though a strong hint that our girls should get theirs very soon.

This year's Worldcon had another kerfuffle, ending with the rescinding of the invitation of one of the Guests of Honour; apparently the first time this has ever happened. We live in unprecedented times.

As I had hoped, I got my haircut today at the usual hairdresser, who reopened last week.

After a recommendation from Maureen KS, I got a copy of Mridula Baljekar's Best Ever Indian Cookbook and successfully tried the chicken dopiaza recipe this evening. I’ll do more of those.

Yesterday I did what I had been thinking of for ages and went into Brussels to meet several diplomatic contacts for a series of walking conversations. In fact two of them cancelled at the last moment, but that still left me three meetings (one EU member state, one Western Balkan, one Middle Eastern). You can cover a lot of ground in the Parc Léopod in good weather, especially if you take in a coffee in Place Jourdan as well. My tracking app still seems to turn off sometimes, making it look as if I have teleported from place to place.

I’m taking Monday off for more megalithic tourism. There’s not a lot of it in Belgium, so I reckon I can cover it all this spring.

But this is getting to us all, I think. We’re now more than four months into the current lockdown, and little sign of it lifting any time soon. It gets to you.
Tags: covid-19

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