Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Endgames: Political Cartoons and Other Stuff, 2015-2020, by Martyn Turner

Second cartoon of third chapter (on Brexit):

Turner does a cartoon for the Irish Times most days; I've been following his work since I was a teenager, which must mean that he's getting on these days. This collection covers the last five years, and to be honest it's rather difficult to find much that is funny to say about Trump, COVID or Brexit, and where he does find something funny the joke is belaboured by repetition in a collection like this. (For instance, Boris Johnson is invariably depicted as a clown, which is hardly shocking.) It got a bit more interesting in the later parts about Irish politics more generally. Turner has always been hostile to the men of violence, but it's interesting to see his contempt now liberally applied to the main parties of government as well.

I think Turner's Micheal Martin looks more like his Charlie Haughey, back in the day, than like the real Micheal Martin, but there's no doubt who it's meant to be.

I'm afraid it seems to be sold out at present, but the ISBN is 9781999307820 if you want to look out for copies as they become available.
Tags: bookblog 2021, world: ireland

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