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Whoniversaries 3 February

i) births and deaths

3 February 1959: birth of Jimmy Vee, who has played various short creatures in New Who: most frequently the Graske, also the Moxx of Balhoon, the Space Pig, Bannakaffalatta, Skovox Blitzer, and several short Slitheen.

3 February 1975: birth of Mat King, who directed Journey to the Centre of the Tardis (Twelfth Doctor, 2013).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

3 February 1968: broadcast of first episode of The Web of Fear. The Tardis lands in a deserted London Underground; Jamie and Zoe are captured by the soldiers of an outpost and the Doctor encounters the Yeti.

3 February 1973: broadcast of second episode of Carnival of Monsters. The Doctor and Jo explore further inside the Miniscope, and encounter the Drashigs.

3 February 1978: broadcast of third episode of The Armageddon Factor. The Shadow tries to get the first five segments from the Doctor, who escapes; the Marshal launches his "final attack".

3 February 1984: broadcast of fourth epsiode of Frontios. The Doctor gets the Gravis to reassemble the Tardis and removes him from Frontios, neutralising the other Tractators.

3 February 1996: broadcast of third episode of The Ghosts of N-Space on BBC Radio. The Doctor discovers that Vilmio is an immortal alchemist, while the Brigadier and Jeremy attempt to retake the castle.

ii) date specified in canon

3 February 1872: death of Joseph Sundvik (in The Curse of Fenric, Seventh Doctor, 1989).
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