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Whoniversaries 28 January: NUZZINK IN ZE VURLD CAN STOP ME NOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

i) births and deaths

28 January 1937: birth of John Normington, who played the oligarch Morgus in The Caves of Androzani (Fifth Doctor, 1984), Trevor Sigma the galactic inspector in the The Happiness Patrol (Seventh Doctor, 1988) and the older version Tom Flanagan, abandoned as a child in wartime Cardiff in Ghost Machine (Torchwood, 2006, just a few months before he died).

28 January 1938: birth of Christopher Coll, who played lunar technician Phipps in The Seeds of Death (Second Doctor, 1969) and the Marshal's aide Stubbs in The Mutants (Third Doctor, 1972).

28 January 1957: birth of Frank Skinner, who appeared as a Dalek operator in The Five-ish Doctors Reboot (RPF 2013) and as chief engineer Perkins in Mummy on the Orient Express (Twelfth Doctor, 2014)

28 January 1976: death of James Mellor, who played Sean Flannigan in The Wheel in Space (Second Doctor, 1968) and Varan the Bad Native in The Mutants (Third Doctor, 1972).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

28 January 1967: broadcast of third episode of The Underwater Menace. This is the one with the appalling dance of the fish-people and "NUZZINK IN ZE VURLD CAN STOP ME NOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!" When I first wrote these daily updates in 2010-11, this was the earliest surviving Troughton epsiode, and I said that I would swap it for any of the dozen lost Troughton episodes which preceded it. In fact, the episode immediately before has since been recovered; but I have to admit it is a close call. It's amazing the show made it to its fifth anniversary, let alone its 57th.

28 January 1978: broadcast of fourth episode of Underworld. The Trogs are rescued by Jackson and the Doctor, and the P7E is blown up.

28 January 2016: Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!
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