Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Tales of Terror (Doctor Who anthology)

Second paragraph of third story ("The Monster in the Woods", by Paul Magrs):
Ange was upstairs in her bedroom painting her younger brother's face for Hallowe'en. Terry was ten and amazingly patient as she finished off his David Bowie lightning flash.
This is a set of twelve Doctor Who short stories for YA readers, themed around Halloween, each of them featuring a different Doctor, usually with an old enemy (the Celestial Toymaker appears twice). The six authors are all well established - Jacqueline Rayner, Mike Tucker, Paul Magrs, Richard Dungworth, Scott Handcock and Craig Donaghy (was not sure of the last, but he has a long track record scripting comics for DWM). Rayner's Sixth Story, "Trick or Treat", is the standout of the collection, though Magrs' Third Doctor story, "The Monster in the Woods", is good too and none of them is actively bad. If it's still available next Halloween (or the one after) you could get it for a young Who fan. You can get it here.

This was the last book I finished in 2020, and the last I will write up - I missed some, when they were Hugo finalists and I was on the Hugo team. I had expected not to have that problem in 2021, but there you go.
Tags: bookblog 2020, doctor who, writer: jacqueline rayner, writer: paul magrs

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