Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

The world in 2021, according to science fiction

I've spent several weekends working on a presentation of twentieth-century science fiction set in the year 2021, and here is the fruit of my labours, a 21-minute video.

The works I found are:

TV: Super Force (Hank’s Back), 1991
TV: The Voices, 1955

Hi-tech future
Comics: Superman 2020 (Deadly New Year 2021), 1982
Comics: Superman 2021 (Kidnappers in the Sky), 1982
Film: Johnny Mnemonic, 1995
Game: D/Generation, 1991
Manga: A.I. Revolution, 1994
Novel: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, 1968

On other worlds
TV: The Twilight Zone (On Thursday We Leave for Home), 1963
TV: The Outer Limits (The Invisible Enemy), 1964
Film: Moon Zero Two, 1969

Film: The Sisterhood, 1988
Game: Scorcher, 1996
Comics: Oz, 1992
Novel: The Children of Men, 1992

The End
Novel: Macrolife, 1979

This was the first time I've made anything this long by myself, and I must say it has drastically increased my respect for those who do this regularly, either as a hobby or for a living. If I decide to make a habit of it, I'll invest in better software and hardware. But I'm happy enough with this for now.
Tags: set in 2021

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