Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 7 December: Padbury, Craze, Child #3, Invasion #6, Dragonfire #3, Nemesis #3

i) births and deaths

7 December 1947: birth of Wendy Padbury, who played Second Doctor companion Zoe Heriot in 1968-69.

7 December 1998: death of Michael Craze, who played Ben Jackson, companion of the First and Second Doctors, in 1966-67.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

7 December 1963: broadcast of "The Forest of Fear", third episode of the story we now call An Unearthly Child. The time travellers escape from the Cave of Skulls, but are recaptured just as they reach the Tardis.

7 December 1968: broadcast of sixth episode of The Invasion. UNIT rescues Watkins: the Cybermen and Vaughn broadcast their radio signal to Take Ovar Thee Wurld.

7 December 1987: broadcast of third episode of Dragonfire, concluding Season 24. Mel Bush's last appearance. Kane tries to use the dragonfire crystal but is destroyed by sunlight.

7 December 1988: broadcast of third episode of Silver Nemesis. The Nemesis statue absorbs Lady Peinforte, and the Doctor uses it to destroy the Cyber fleet.
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: anniversaries

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