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Whoniversaries 2 December: Ice Warriors #4, Androids of Tara #2; It Takes You Away

i) births and deaths

2 December 1920: birth of Alec Wallis, who played Leading Telegraphist Bowman in The Sea Devils (Third Doctor, 1972) and Warner in Revenge of the Cybermen (Fourth Doctor, 1975).

2 December 2002: death of John Baker, who played a Time Lord in Colony in Space (Third Doctor, 1972) and Ralph the servant, one of several characters killed off early in the first episode of The Visitation (Fifth Doctor, 1982).

2 December 2014: death of Ian Fairbairn, who played Questor in The Macra Terror (Second Doctor, 1967), Mark Gregory in The Invasion (Second Doctor, 1968), both John Bromleys in Inferno (Third Doctor, 1970) and Chester in The Seeds of Doom (Fourth Doctor, 1976).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

2 December 1967: broadcast of fourth episode of The Ice Warriors. Victoria is recaptured by the Ice Warriors; the Doctor also falls into their clutches.

2 December 1978: broadcast of second episode of The Androids of Tara. The King's android double is crowned; the Doctor apparently kills Princess Strella.

2 December 2018: broadcast of It Takes You Away. In an isolated house in the Norwegian fjords, a scared girl hides alone, waiting for her father to return. In the distance, a monster comes to take people away. And for some reason, one mirror is not working as it should. The Thirteenth Doctor and her friends must battle their own desires to work out what is going on.
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