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Whoniversaries 15 November

i) births and deaths

15 November 1910: birth of Geoffey Toone, who played Temmosus in Doctor Who and the Daleks (Cushing Doctor, 1965) and Hepesh in The Curse of Peladon (Third Doctor, 1972).

15 November 1926: birth of Richard Steele, who played Commandant Gorton in The War Games (Second Doctor, 1969), Sergeant Hart in Doctor Who and the Silurians (Third Doctor, 1970)

15 November 1933: birth of Donald Pickering, who played prosecutor Eyesen in The Keys of Marinus (First Doctor, 1964), Blade and his alien double in The Faceless Ones (Second Doctor, 1967), and Lakertyan leader Beyus in Time and the Rani (Seventh Doctor, 1987).

15 November 2016: death of Ken Grieve, who directed Destiny of the Daleks (Fourth Doctor, 1979).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

15 November 1975: broadcast of fourth episode of The Pyramids of Mars. The Doctor is forced to transfer Scarman to Mars, where he destroys the Eye of Horus, liberating Sutekh. But the Doctor manages to trap Sutekh in a time tunnel, destroying him and the priory.

15 November 1980: broadcast of fourth episode of Full Circle. The Doctor helps the Starliner to leave Alzareus, and Adric stows away on the Tardis.

15 November 1986: broadcast of third episode of Terror of the Vervoids (ToaTL #11). The Vervoids are gradually killing off passengers and crew; Bruchner sets the ship's controls for a black hole to destroy them all.

15 November 1989: broadcast of fourth episode of The Curse of Fenric. The Ancient One arises to challenge the Doctor; Ace realises that Audrey's baby is her mother; and the Doctor challenges Ace's faith in him to release the Ancient One who then kills Fenric.

streage but true: The four episodes of The Pyramids of Mars, Full Circle and The Curse of Fenric were all broadcast on the same four dates in 1975, 1980 and 1989.

15 November 2009: broadcast of The Waters of Mars. The Doctor lands at Bowie Base One on Mars, on the day he knows it will be destroyed; he tries to change the history of the day, but is thwarted by Adelaide.

15 November 2010: broadcast of first episode of Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith (SJA). Sarah believes that she has dementia. Can her replacement be trusted?

iii) date specified in canon

15 November 1966 (some sources have 1964): birth of Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown.
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