Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Jean-Michel Folon at Villers Abbey

A couple of months ago, Anne and I went to the Fondation Folon in La Hulpe to see the art of Jean-Michel Folon on display. Like all other indoor cultural attractions, the Fondation is closed at the moment; but if you're in central Belgium and you feel like sampling his work, you can see a number of his sculptures on display at Villers Abbey, no reservation necessary, last admission at 4pm, get there before 21 February.

The biggest of the installations is the Alley of Thoughts, eight sculptures from the late 1990s, set up in the nave of the ruined Abbey church.

In the south transept you'll find Folon's Everyman as a guardian angel.

In the gardens he is carrying fish.

There are real fish too.

Like all of us, he's ready for a journey.

But what's in his case? The journey itself?

Or the destination? (Note the birds flying out of the suitcase towards me.)

This was Folon's final sculpture.

Even without Folon, the abbey is tremendously atmospheric.

It's only 45 minutes by car from Brussels, and for a bonus you can take a short detour to the Pierre-Qui-Tourne at Court-Saint-Étienne. Well worth a trip in these darker times.
Tags: art, world: belgium

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