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Whoniversaries 28 October: Ian Marter, Matt Smith, Abomble Snowmen #5, Stones of Blood #1, Arachnids

i) births and deaths

28 October 1944, 28 October 1986: birth and death of Ian Marter, who played companion Harry Sullivan in 1974-5, and also wrote nine Target novelisations.

28 October 1982: birth of Matt Smith, an actor who I am told appeared in some new New Who episodes and one Sarah Jane Adventures story in the early 2010s.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

28 October 1967: broadcast of fifth episode of The Abominable Snowmen. Victoria is hypnotised by Padmasambhava; the monks evacuate; and the Intelligence grows in physical manifestation. (Yeah, I posted this plot summary last week mistakenly for episode four. Again.)

28 October 1978: broadcast of first episode of The Stones of Blood, the 100th story of Old Who. The Doctor and Romana find archaeologist Amelia Rumford and local druidic cultists all very interested in the Nine Sisters, a stone circle on Dartmoor.
True fact: Christopher Isherwood dedicated Goodbye to Berlin, on which the musical Cabaretwas partly based, to Beatrix Lehmann and her brother. She died less than a year after The Stones of Blood was shown.

28 October 2018: broadcast of Arachnids in the UK. The gang return to Sheffield, which a crazed American millionaire has infested with spiders.
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